Two lovebirds are forced to go apart. Then destiny brings them closer. However, things don’t last long and the antagonist comes in between. Will the two lovebirds unite or stay apart? Will love triumph or evil have the last laugh?

Ishqwala Love is the first attempt by an amateur writer, Sabira Mallick, an ex-Assistant Manager, Human Resource, in a renowned MNC and alumni of SRCC, Delhi University. Her style of writing is relatable and you would find yourself in the situations mentioned in the story at some point in your life. So read on and discover for yourself.


Time to brace yourself here as there are as many Hindi songs, Hindi romance and DDLJ ka Raj all over the places.

A good part of this book is that all chapters are kept substantially small and this benefits the book to make it a one-sitting read. Sabeera is candid in her thoughts, vibrant in her quixotic scribes and makes you go awwww. There are too many awww instants in this book that some may find it a bit overwhelming than essential.

As the label suggests, IshqWala Love is intermingled with Hindi and English making this almost Hinglish Novel. If you are not an admirer of well-known Hindi songs then please don’t pick this volume.
I would like to point that there are significant grammar and punctuation boo-boos but aside that Sabeera kept this dreamy story with nips of vengeance, abhorrence and melodrama.

well, there is nothing of a literature marvel here. It’s just a sturdy and a next-door romance here. I did read the sequels of this story in IshqWala 2 and IshqWala 3 and the author has enhanced her inscription skills and kept the plot more fascinating.

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