Often a simple encounter on the path of life can change one’s entire future. “Lines of Fate” by Neelam Saxena Chandra is a collection of such selected, distinctive and unique tales from different walks of life. When a dice is rolled, one does not know what the outcome will be. Similarly, in an encounter between people, the aftermath is simply indefinite and unidentifiable. Maybe, the lines of fate decide the final outcome.

I am a huge fan of maintaining chapter titles instead of just numbering it- It conveys a distinct essence to the book. Scanning through the chapters, we can see a lot of things here. Two lovers falling in love, something to do with the book store and there yeah, you have a one night stand and then fall back and then something happens at the end like a tsunami. This definitely catches my attention to go forward. So that’s how I relate to the book, like a trailer for a movie.

The aesthetically fascinating cover signifies the lines of fate in the palm and quite fascinating and follows the contour of Neelam Saxena’s earlier books.

The story starts with the separation of a love married life which has an autistic child. The love story was nothing less than a Bollywood movie but here the dad just doesn’t love enough to raise an autistic child.

In another story, Chethan is not receptive to talk about marriage with his parents for a girl with whom he had a live-in relationship because he would know they won’t approve of this marriage.

In another story, an archaic Gidlani who runs a book store is missing his lost wife who is in heaven abode and then a young couple gives him a letter. This story is one of my favourites and I had tears just reading this.

I won’t talk about all the other stories in this review as I would highly recommend you all to go buy this book if you are a fan of short stories like me.
My favourite recent reads in men without women by Haruki Murakami.

Neelam here blends emotions quite magically and has the knack of storytelling at ease. The pace, twist, and plot of the book are top-notch. The best part of this book is that it truly thought-provoking without preaching even a bit.

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