Old Cameos

In the long verandah
At the top left landing
Of the wooden staircase,
You will find them waiting.

Grandfather in singlets and shorts:
Beaming toothlessly;
Great-grandfather in alpaca coat,
Frowning majestically.

The lady by a Chinese vase,
So like a Ravi Varma painting,
Is Great-uncle’s first wife
Who died in childbirth.

And those three studious
Ladies are your aunts,
Pramila, Urmila, Nirmala,
Proud university graduates.

The house stands shuttered,
Waiting, as if for their voices
To call, in confusing harmony:
Only the birdcalls resound.

Time has stolen by unawares,
Making a mockery of their youth,
And yet they stand invincible,
Like a long-forgotten cache of soldiers.

They will not grow old,
Never taste the bitterness
Of old age, of lost hopes,
The debilitating pain of disease.

Each time I revisit,
Remembering their untold stories,
I am filled with strength
To brave life’s battles alone.


The first and foremost catchy part of this publication is indeed a beautiful cover by the awesome people at ‘Writers Workshop’ making it a handmade artefact.

The very first poem Morning Raga deciphers the lives of all during morning connecting nature’s bliss and busy metropolitan.

There are around 30+ poems. Walking around the streets, seeing the flame on a jade buddha, footpath, Bus travel, Rains, Clock work, Sunflowers, Northern lights and then towards self retrospection and finally towards transformation

It’s like someone who is roaming around the city and capturing moments through words and that’s twice as good as a photograph.

Every poem echoes the thought of lostness in the city. It’s painful yet pleasant.

Poets  depth to understand beauty amidst chaos and his magical poetry execution has made this book one of the best poetry book that I have read in the recent past. It’s like creating a masterpiece and scribbling it with a golden ink through a lifetime’s experience and then binding the book on a magical cover and gifting it to the readers.

It’s as good as a classic collection of poems with the pure soulful delight. If you are looking for something deep, literary and pure. This book is for you. It’s made for people who have the patience to relish a beautifully crafted poem with literary mastery.

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