Love triumphs above all hardships and proves that when there is love no obstacle is big enough


A typical romance

Sabira Mallick’s “Lover Never dies” is a typical romance with a lover, beloved and a villain. Like any love story, the dominant theme here is love conquering all battles and emerging victorious at the end. The novel is a quick read. The action is swift and keeps a grip on the interest of the reader. The characters do not undergo any big changes but only the protagonist, Nikita Singh’s father is the hostile one in the beginning towards her love interest, Samarth (for some unknown reason) who changes and approves of his daughter’s choice later.

One major issue that the author raises in the novel is about the treatment and attitude of society towards the disabled. Nikita is not treated properly by the Khattar family. She is mocked for being disabled and also has to face domestic violence. At the same time, Samarth, Nikita’s lover does not have any change of behavior after learning about her disability. The clear message here is about love knowing no boundaries and not limited to physical looks of a person.

The plot development is swift with a few flashbacks initially to update the readers on how everything began. The twist by the author initially is what triggers the reader’s interest in reading the book. The novel is in a series of dialogues which sometimes makes the novel look like a Shakespearean drama being acted in front of the audience.

The Khattar family hates Nikita for the reason that she stood up for herself despite being disabled. For her, being respected was the most important. This also somewhere brings up the issue of feminism. Her presence of mind at the end is what saves her from the clutches of the family.

There are mistakes of editing at a few places in the novel and the language used in some places is colloquial. Since love completely fills the air of the novel, the appeal is more likely to be among teenagers and youngsters.

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