Finally accomplished to find time to get a foretaste of the much-glorified book. Is it worth the buildup? Partly yes. The poetries are unique and unsharpened but frank. The style of poetry is unique. Much of these are stereotypic.

And if you are a grammar Nazi, then you are into something that will dig your own grave. Rupi doesn’t use any capital letters and screws grammar as she owns it! And for her defense, she indicates that this is Gurmukhi script and her work is written entirely in lowercase, using only the period as a form of punctuation to honor the ethos. This brings parity of letters that won’t make sense to some grammar Nazis.

i am learning
how to love him
by loving myself

One thing common about me and Rupi- we both are born on 4th October and we both have an arty taste but unfortunately, we don’t know each other.
Rupi started with the instapoetry and then decided to launch a book and it became an insta hit.

The title says a lot of women’s change- it’s as smooth as milk and as dense as honey.

love made the danger
in you look like safety

It’s crazy
but the
poetic mien
is not just
the enter key
anywhere and anytime
you want.

Rupi Kaur – you have muddled with the annoying edits and shielding it as a poetic abstract. The views we have which we believed wouldn’t make a poem has just been made as a poem.
The thoughts are beautiful but the poetic lex suck- I would re-read tiny tales again.

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