When I scan the title of the book for the first time, automatically “Mind your own business” began popping out in my head ( same as you who are reading this right now). And, then curiousness started liberating more vacuum to read up the things with a clear mind.

I feel that you can never get enough of Sadhguru. His teachings toils like an Ayurveda, attacks directly to the root cause and in a beyond sensible way. And, that is why I didn’t want to complete a 67 pager book too soon. I took my time to comprehend and digest all the wisdom he shared.

The book is all about one of the sessions of Sadhguru and it is more of a dialogue book where he is answering questions/ dilemma of people, who generally, endures a lot. By the end of the book, you will start acknowledging the fundamental meaning of the title.

This is the best, concise book and would strongly recommend to the people who are overthinkers, who suffer from anxiety a lot, who feel that their thoughts are the biggest curse to there life.

So, gift yourself this book and treat yourself!!!!

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