‘Moon Walk’ by Michael Jackson is a revelation of his extraordinary life by the king of pop himself.

A five year old boy, of Gary, Indiana, 7th of nine children of his parents was rehearsing day in and day out, rocking the stage and already supporting his family. Michael Jackson never had a normal childhood. Playing with friends, roaming aimlessly here and there and partying all night was out of question. When he was 8-9, Jackson 5 was already taking off. That cute child artist gradually made his foray into the sumptuous stages and studios of Hollywood. 5 brothers then became popular as ‘Jacksons’. Soon, Michael reckoned the need to take the control of his own creation. A phenomenal singer, a remarkable dancer, a talented songwriter, a dedicated producer and even an ace business man, Michael showed he is quintessentially a perfectionist in all fields. He was a hard worker, he worked until he dropped. He broke certain records, recieved numerous awards, made millions and billions of fans around the world, from farthest of corners, also, earned a name for himself impossible to forget ever. Nevertheless, he lived in an ivory tower, standing alone and above the crowd. Although, he built a shell around him and felt comforted in it, having to avoid all the notorious, silly rumours and false news imposed on him on a regular basis.

In this book Michal talked about the making of his famous songs like ‘Beat it’, ‘Billie Jean’. Shy and reserved Michael also managed to open his heart and talk about his close relationships with his beloved family, Barry Gordy, Fred Astaire, Diana Ross, Marlon Brando, Quincy Jones and Paul McCartney. He gives us a glimpse of his inside. He was a thirsty soul, an innocent child, a zealous, dedicated and tireless artist who always strived to create something new, something of a great value that can entertain people in true sense.

“Music is color blind”- and his music, his aura in reality had the power to capture all, irrespective of any color or creed. They all screamed in unison Michael! Michael! Michael! unstoppably when he entered the stage until the music begun. Just like his signature step, Michael walked on the moon gliding like a celestial body creating a spellbinding illusion before our eyes. This book contains a number of photographs from his personal collection, his drawings and his autograph that truly gives you the feeling that you own his signed copy.

The writing style is lucid. This book simply amazes you. All in all, it teaches you how hard work and dedication pays off, how loving what you do creates a magic, how sustaining is more difficult than being acknowledged in the first place, how the grace of God, love of family and belief in one’s self can win you the world. At the end of the day, Michael Jackson is a phenomena. He happens once, just once. Period.

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