‘One Day’ by David Nicholls is an endearing and offbeat love story.

15 th of July, Dexter and Emma are together the morning after their graduation party. They spend the whole day together only to part ways the next day and live their respective lives. But where are they every year on 15 th of July for 20 years? Sometimes they are continents apart, sometimes they walk hand in hand. Sometimes she knows she loves him. Sometimes he knows he loves her. But at times the time is not right. They are with wrong people, inwardly waiting for each other. Craving subconsciously to be together. They call it friendship for a long time until they could hold their feelings no more.

Dexter keeps chasing happiness, Emma believes in Carpe Diem, they both find contentment in each other. They are poles apart as individuals but their hearts know where it belongs. Only, it takes 20 years for them to know it. She makes him a better person, in return he makes her happy.

This story is rich with beautiful impressions. It’s a whole new era in every chapter. A whole new Dexter and Emma. Their renewed way of seeing life, a renewed reason to love each other. Their bond becomes stronger and stronger. It starts from mutual attraction, to friendship, to love, then friendship again and finally passionately in love. Eventually, they know nothing could come between them. It was meant to be.

The story is slow paced, provides a flood of information, characters are life like and ambitious. The backdrops of Edinburgh and Paris comes out to be vivid in our imagination. It’s like going back to your young adventurous self. It’s like flipping through the beautiful Polaroids clicked on a memorable journey you took years ago. In their late thirties Dexter and Emma are nowhere close to how they imagined themselves to be.

We think time has changed but we don’t see how time changes us. We set out to change the time but we are always there stuck in the moment of her first smile, his first look, the first touch, and the first kiss.

This is one such story that keeps you hooked. The central theme is brilliant. It’s a roller coaster ride of life. Sometimes, Dexter is on his highest and Emma at her lowest and then they switch places. It’s a beautiful love story told beautifully in a language that is very engrossing. Nicholls has the capacity to make you travel along the characters, see the unuttered love in their eyes and feel the warmth of their tears.

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