One Precious Moment is a poignant and beautiful story of love and loss. Mira Singh, discovers her ability to re- bulid her life on her own terms. This is a story that will tug at your heart, and hopefully make you feel thankful for the life you lead.


Ritu Kakar with her “One precious moment” is like the Indian version of Nicholas Sparks. On reading the title of her novel, the central idea of her novel is clear, the unpredictability of life. The uncertainty of life is such that when everything seems perfect, things can change the very next second. The novel is a work of fiction but the issues it raises are very realistic and true to the existence of human beings.

There is love, there is romance, there is a happily ever after, but life can go much beyond that is what Kakkar tries to say through novel.

The lead character, Mira Singh comes across as an everyday girl easily traceable among all of us. Unexpectedly, life is generous towards her but when she is at the pinnacle of her happiness, life strikes hard and the readers can not help but be hopelessly sympathetic towards her plight. She is a victim of circumstances without any fault of hers. Here the pathos found in Sparks’ novels is clearly visible. The cover of the book shows a girl all by herself facing the world with her lover printed inside her. This implies that she carries his love with her but he is not actually there. This does complete justice to the plotline.

Everything is told through the eyes of Mira as the narrator: how her life changes, the ups and downs and the delicate nature of relationships and most importantly, the transient nature of human life. This makes the readers feel more close to her and her loved ones and also feel her pain more strongly. Everything is smooth and good and the turn of events is in chapter 14 of the novel. From here the readers see Mira evolving as a more independent person struggling and successfully handling the ultimate grief life gives her.

The title may say “One Precious Moment” but there are numerous precious moments the narrator has in her life. The novel is a mixture of comedy and seriousness. It blends emotions with the years the narrator spends with the love of her life. It begins as a romance and bits of comedy here and there which appeals more to younger ages. But in the later part, the level of seriousness and criticality of the theme widens its appeal to the adult group too.

Mira’s character comes to life as if talking directly to the reader. She evolves from a young girl to a woman. She is headstrong, immature, hot headed and dependent in the beginning and by the end she becomes just the opposite. That makes the reader get completely engrossed in the novel which is a remarkable craft of the author. The language is easy to understand for every type of reader.

The only thing the reader desires is some miracle to happen and Mira’s life getting back to where it was but life has its own designs and it will take its natural course is what Kakar says.

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