To Miss Him Means Missing Greatest Blessings


An Extraordinary book from spirituality genre to read and hold all the time. This book is the talk given by Osho to his proponents so it is more of a two-way conversation. While flipping through this, you will recognize that a spiritual wizard, who exactly knows how rebellious and volatile his students are and is precisely teaching you the abyss and plainness of thoughts. Every statement of this book is worth reading and the time is worth spending. The more you read this book, the better will be your understanding. A good paced book which clasps you till the end as you will be able to connect everything that is explained in this book.

The title of the book “Ram Nam Nij Aushadhi” is only a line from his couplets. It has no intention of endorsing any religion or god. So believers of any faith do not affect the idea of the book. The book has 121 pages and 5 chapters. Each chapter starts with couplets and number of queries asked by his devotees. Each query takes you to a different journey by not ignoring the absolute destination.

Osho has wonderfully elucidated the importance of a guru, a teacher in everyone’s lives, the importance of meditation, the importance of questions, the importance of confusion, the importance of break down to realise true joy, the importance of devotion and belief. How the secret of lies in those small question that we ask from ourselves in our solitude and ignores it later. Osho has articulated everything wonderfully and has rationalized each question without detracting from the main idea.

Highly recommended book for the newbies in this genre for unprecedented wisdom and also for avid readers to clear the dust of old insights. And, I won’t mind saying that this is the book for life!

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