After the success of her first book of poems— “the bliss of solitude”, poet Surbhi Islam makes a comeback with a romantic fiction, “she fell to rise in love”. It is an enduring tale of love, pain, loss, gain, friendship and companionship. In this unusual and offbeat love story, mehek, a student, who is already struggling to gain a foothold in the small town she recently shifted to, hopelessly falls in love with Raghav, her computer teacher. All hell breaks loose as her efforts to win his heart end in a fiasco. Things begin to change for good when her friend Anand brings joy in her life and proposes her. Mehek accepts the proposal and embraces his love and affection. Raghav, who is in Bengali now, starts calling and textiles her. But why? What will Mehek do now? Will she leave Anand for her first love, Raghav; or hold Anand’s hand as he supported her when she was left in lurch. “She fell to rise in love” Is a roller coaster ride of emotions


That day I understood one thing that the life is all about your struggle of standing strong while the whole universe conspires to thrust you down.
I also learnt that there are two types of men on this earth.
One who loves to see you down on your knees and the other offers you a hand to pick you up.

Extract from the book She Fell to Rise in Love by Surbhi Islam

Surbhi pens well and I have been following her writings in Social media. Having reviewed her book ‘The Bliss of Solitude’ and winning MerryBrains Awards for 2019’s Best Hindi Poetry book, this book was a laid-back élite for a decent read. Let’s not forget that this is her debut fiction.

The cover stands gorgeous and the blurb indicates a tri-love story. The best slice of this paperback is the title which is unique and talks about the optimism after the love fiasco.

In this debut tale, Surbhi offers a powerful close-up view of what it means to lose love and to feel like you’re facing the world, and somebody picks you up from the disorder.

It was a relaxing read with leaves turning over easily. Mehek’s appeal will stay forever as the character progress has been handsomely planned.
In this effortless prose, Surbhi Islam exemplifies the depth of love, the chaos of its unraveling and the desolation of its failure as Mehek tries to pick up the bits and find a way headlong for a deserved terminus.

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