“I have come to know of your lover for whom your love turned ‘Undying’ so soon. I want to meet her and see what she has got that I couldn’t give you.” Was Zafar having a clandestine affair as his wife suspected, or was he simply a man caught up in strange circumstances?
Cheated by an agent, university topper Sharanjeet found herself working as a maid in Singapore – would she ever escape her circumstances?
A shriek in the middle of the night, the body of a corporate executive laying slain, a confession by a migrant worker from India – is it an open and shut case or a tangled love story?
Being in love is no crime except in the eyes of Patricia’s man-hating boss – with fiancé Gerard refusing to be treated like a dirty secret, Patricia must find the key to her boss’s heart.
Going from the simple to the delicately cocktailed, this sumptuous platter of stories set in modern Singapore is a feast for the readers.


A collection of 12 short stories tallying up to 172 pages was one of those 2 sitters reads for me. This book is for people who would love modest quick good read stories which will make muse over our decisions. Just like the story ‘The encounter’ where the character misconstrues and then realizes the cabby- each story brings a diverse crux to life. These stories are not as unpretentious as it seems. Most of the stories are thoughtful and thought-provoking.

As declared in the blurb, Singapore sling is a platter of many stories that the author has expressed through her senses and experiences. I loved the cover and the blurb gives the right eccentricity of what’s inside.

“I have come to know of your lover for whom your love turned ‘Undying’ so soon. I want to meet her and see what she has got that I couldn’t give you.”

This further amplified my curiousness and I hopped right inside the book and to my better surprise, the short story was such inexplicably thought-provoking. It’s filled with love, suspense, and politics.

The writing style is simple with no use of superfluous hefty words. Latha (author) has made sure that the sentiments inside are crisply defined. Stimulated during her two-decades-long stay in Singapore, these short stories are stunningly plaited bringing the real essence.

If you ask me what I missed, I would disparagingly say that there could have been a nip of wit added in the stream.

To sum it up, if you want a book of nifty short stories that are thought-provoking, written in eloquent language, then this is the best stake for you to must try

The platter is delightful indeed!

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