This collection of three fictional tales from the city of Kashi is an ode to this magnificent place which is not just old but also magical. Revisit Kashi through the eyes of my characters.

Bhola loves everything sweet but never did he know that his fondness for sweet things will lead up to such a bitter situation.

Neither did anyone who knew “Bhaiji” thought that an Ideal son, the “Shravan Kumar” like him will abandon his village and his family thus. What nobody knew was “Bhaiji’s” side of the story, except me.

And nobody knew what happened to Azizah, my little sister. She boarded the train for New Delhi to go back to her medical college post her vacation and then we never heard from her again.


A trip to Varanasi maybe just a trip to many but it is a way of life for some!

There are 3 short stories- Bhola. Remorse. Missing.

Bhola- a story of a holy cow’s journey in this judgemental society. The author has managed to keep the story hooked with her mention of yummy sweets. It is fast-paced.

Maybe the author could write a bit about Varanasi before starting the story though she managed to do it in the stories. I still think there should have been a good elaboration of culture and the holy city in the forward. Some words could have been described with its meaning and translation for non-Indian readers. The author has added terms at the end of some chapters but it would make more sense to add it at the end.

The kindle copy had some formatting issues in some places. Hope the author corrects it while gets the printed copy that is going to be released soon.

But rest aside, this is a small book that can be read and easily digested in one sitting. Evenly paced and crisp Story has made this book a pleasant read.

I highly recommend this book as the chapters draw a moral which I would learn from it

But for non-Indian readers, I would highly recommend watching documentation on Varanasi before holding this book.


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