‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker is a poignant novel in epistolary format that reflects a brilliant purple hue.

Celie a simpleton, black, young woman in South America was repeatedly raped by her step father, separated from two children, married off with a violent man, insulted for her looks, made a slave out of a wife, separated from her sister, Nettie, the only person she loved the most in the world. Celie’s stoicism is apparently peerless. Nevertheless, she awaits her sister for years. She writes her heart’s content addressing first god and then her sister. Enters Shug Avery, a glamorous, high-spirited, strong, confident woman, a talented singer and her husband’s ex- girlfriend. Shug arouse in Celie the will to truly live her life, she rekindles her hopes of meeting her sister someday, she triggers in her some unfamiliar emotions, she inspires her to stand on her own feet.

This book depicts the hardships of the life of African-American women, in southern United States. Although, It’s a story of silver linings in midst of purple black clouds. It’s a story of strong women characters and their will to stand tall in the patriarchal society. Also, It’s a story of deep emotions, powerful feelings and nameless relationships. It’s tender as well as brutal. It’s simple as well as splendid. Walker’s writing style is remarkably unique and lucid. You feel the pain in every word and it engulfs you instantly. The letters especially from Nettie were marvels that gives you a peep into the tribal African life, it’s perks and it’s tribulations. Through the years two loving sisters living two totally different lives, poles apart, sharing nothing but the sky above their heads and a dream of uniting again one day. It’s one of those stories that stays with you forever. Brings you from darkness to light, reaffirms your belief in the might of god and reminds you that no matter how bad the time is, every moment of life is worth rejoicing.

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