‘The Free Voice’ is an eye opening book on Democracy, Culture and the Nation authored by Raman Magsaysay winner Ravish Kumar.

From the news of terrifying kala bandar in Delhi to the hate mongers of WhatsApp University, Indian media has deteriorated it’s standard by spreading fake news from time to time. The definition of journalism is changed to an unidentifiable extent and journalists has rather became Tv stars. Where questioning government is an unpardonable sin, showing the whole truth is nothing but a myth, where religion is the biggest selling agenda, where Tv debates creates a baffling howl in your chest, there can’t be any place for a healthy citizenry. Consequently, people are transforming into ‘Robo-public’ little by little. These simpletons dance like a puppet in the hands of these celebrity journalists cluelessly. They have stopped thinking long ago. Where babas are believed blindly, people killed by a mob defying our great constitution, where there is still no right to love with a free will, where one’s fundamental right to privacy is breached every day, where independence is gained years back but hasn’t actualized in true sense yet, isn’t really a democracy yet.

Ravish Kumar, himself a revered, responsible and honest journalist has written this book more from the heart of a concerned citizen of India who takes pride in being an Indian and who feels distressed to look at it’s falling grace. He compels his readers to see, to think and to make a change for the better through his writing. He endorses a journalism which shows truth and nothing but the truth. The writing style is lucid, the information is stirring and the message is strong. It’s a book everyone should read once. It may not change your perspective but it may help you think clearly for at least once.

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