Enter the shadowy world of the Russian military, intelligence agencies and a hired assassin.
Six young Americans from affluent families decide to take a trip to Patomskiy Crater, a peculiar rock formation shrouded in mystery, located in a remote area of south-eastern Siberia. Alarms are raised when they don’t return to the base town of Bodaybo, and when the search teams set out, they find the bodies of four of them in mysterious circumstances.

Eyewitnesses Vin and Mia, scared and helpless, are on the run deep in the jungle trying to escape someone or something.
Vin is the son of James Catt, a powerful American steel and oil tycoon, who is not leaving any stones unturned to ensure the safety of his son.
In a viscous game of ‘cat and mouse’ played out in the treacherous Siberian jungle, Vin and Mia are being followed by clandestine individuals and a retired officer of the Russian military hired by Mr. Catt to save his son. Unaware of this fact, Vin and Mia’s survival depends on who reaches them first.
Intricate, scary and ruthlessly suspenseful, The Patomskiy Crater is dark but will thrill the reader no end.


This is a massive book with 80 chapters. It starts with the image of Patomskiy Crater at distant South-Eastern Siberia. The image is chilling and keeps me hooked right from there. Speaking about surface beauty – The cover is one of the best covers I have seen this year.

And the blurb- was it a spoiler already? It could have been kept a bit crisp and covertly.

I adore Khemkarann for using his long shuttle time right to his work in an investment bank and finishing this novel in 3 years. It’s all about how you use your time and the priorities you keep.

Now, back to the book- This is a genuine thriller which keeps you hooked endlessly. The title is scary and shady. The narrative is kept crispy and crunchy with no uninvited masalas and that’s a huge turn-on for bibliophiles like me. Nobody has time for annoying stuff camouflaged as context. The writing is plain and unpretentious and that makes this book a laid-back read even if the book looks huge. There were some parts which I skimmed through but that doesn’t let the crux of story drop.

I recently read Zero Day by David Baldacci, a book which I adored. If you like this kind of thrillers, you should read this book as well. Khemkarann has set a new standard for Indian fantasy books with this book.

So, a splendid fantasy narrative, crisp and modest writing and an attractive book are now in the vital corner of my bookshelf. It should be on your bookshelf too.

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