The Philosopher Volunteer is an adaptation of Plato’s famous ‘Philosopher King’ ideology. Plato wanted society to be ruled by a wise and learned philosopher-king. It is tough to argue with Plato, but this book aims to establish that it is easier to create an alternative, the philosopher volunteer.

The world faces four mega crises:

  • Wealth inequality.
  • Depletion of natural resources.
  • Overpopulation.
  • Environmental degradation.

The answer to these mega crises is the philosopher volunteer. Twenty-first-century philosophy must integrate ancient Indian philosophy, classical Greek philosophy and the philosophy of empirical science. This book seeks to argue why that is the case.



Get a highlighter and pencil, take a notepad and keep it ready for some astounding notes while you read this book. This may be my style- but I really do it while reading and reviewing non-fiction. In fact, I consumed this book through deep contemplation of the gamut of philosophies. This book is prodigious.

I am always an aficionado of Robin’s philosophical scrawls in Facebook pages where he talks about his observation of some of the very delicate issues in India (mainly) and overseas- The Ayodhya Ram Mandir Storm. And after reading this book, I now realize where that is coming from.

He talks about Plato’s famous book “Philosopher King” and states his pitch of why a leader should be a philosopher. He also states the datum that most people are contented with ignorance. Beauty, truth, and shadows are just illusions.

The core of this book is to talk about the mega-crisis that the biosphere faces, and his resolutions presented in a philosophical way. He has put forward all his opinions like waves amid a philosophical ocean. Some waves at a high level, and some very profound.  The book also discusses the pretense involved in almost all philosophical theories. This, in turn, asks us to pick the best out of all these philosophies. The trail why everyone must become a philosophy volunteer instead of the king is intensely put with numerous parallels.

Highly suggested read for someone who is absorbed in philosophy. This book can also be a starter pack for your forthcoming philosophical reading.  Thanks to this book, I am reading Republic – Philosopher King by Plato now.


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