In a world where men are known not for their words but for their deeds, Wayra is trying to step beyond the long shadows of his past. Labeled a deserter and hunted like a dog, he has made his home in the most remote corners of the land. And now, after years on the run, the infamous swordsman has crept from the folds of obscurity for an opportunity that is too good to ignore. In the village of Tiger’s Paw, where the only way for a man to rise up in this world was to work for the Smoks, Wayra has emerged with a plan, and an offer.

Follow the deadliest man alive as he confronts old enemies and makes a few new ones in this provoking tale of deception, vengeance, and greed. Who will be there to take the purse, and who will be left alive to enjoy it? Find out who has the quickest hand, who has the strongest will, and who will survive when faced with a deadly proposition.


Old debts die hard.

Pretty short story about peace and war! There was excitement, courage, fight and wiseness! The character Wayra will stay forever! 

You definitely should know when to swing the sword and when to use a dagger but more importantly you should know when not to use them!

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