‘The Rosie Project’ is an adorable tale of love by Graeme Simsion.

Genetics professor Don Tillman is so brilliant and so single. He makes sure he does everything perfectly and in time (not a minute early, not a minute later). He takes up any task as a project and works it out in the manner of a scientific discovery. In his perfect world, nothing but a life partner is missing. But Don who has only two friends in life, has a very limited criteria to judge people. From head to toe, from BMI to dressing sense, from eating habits to sleeping time he judge people like a pro. After wasting his precious time in dating with wrong women he with the help of his friends designs a questionaire to assess the suitability of female partners. Here comes Rosie, the most incompatible partner he could ever ask for. Like a gust of wind she comes, she sees and unknowingly she conquers him. She unsettles his undisrupted world and suddenly put it in a chaos. But the question remains, does she love him? Does he really love her? Confused Don keeping all the important projects of life aside contemplates on the Rosie Project and wonders if it’s just a passing feeling or true love.

This generation hardly knows what they really want. While running unyielding day and night to achieve materialistic goals young people sometimes forget that their soul suffers from an unquenchable thirst for love. When they finally realize it, they look for their perfect partner. They seek perfection in each and every aspect except from love. After all they don’t have the time and energy to invest in it, they are not willing to make unnecessary efforts and they refrain from making mistakes. In this perfect calculation there’s no win win for love. They no more believe in falling in love with a person only for the sake of love. But love touches all, even the ones who hide away from it.

This novel is hilarious throughout. There’s always a smile on your face while you read this one. Rosie’s vivacity and Don’s shrewdness gives it a healthy contrast and makes it another feel good Rom Com. Your belief reaffirms on “what you seek is seeking you” yet another time. Writing style is extremely witty and unhackneyed. It indulges you in no time.

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