A classic-brought me to tears as this is one of the highly inspirational novels that I missed in my childhood. The Story starts with young Mary who has her Indian roots and then her immediate family succumbing to death due to deadly Cholera (more deadly then) and is forcibly sent to Britain to live with her uncle in a beautiful, huge and mysterious and lonely mansion.
There she finds two friends- singing robin and gardener ben and also the key to the very plot of this beautiful novel ‘Secret Garden’ which was dead and dry. I could do an analogy of garden being dead and dry like the lives of Mary and Collin (her cousin). What should we do to make the garden and life lively again? The hero of our story is Collin who is sick and in a wheelchair – his disease, pride, and transformation.

If this story doesn’t inspire you- perhaps nothing will.

You can listen to this book for free in LibriVox- estimated time 9hrs.

If you are looking for a book summary – check here

There is an interesting article on the important messages that this book conveys.

This book is authored by Frances. One of the interesting facts about the author is Frances started scribbling stories in a notebook when she was small, but her mother made her burn them when they left England.

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