The title itself suggest that the writer Mark Manson, in his eminent book, cutting all the unnecessary crap, comes straight to the point and gives his readers a heads up.

I felt very warm and cosy as soon as I began to read this particular book. It was as if an old buddy is giving me a pep talk. No! Not exactly a pep talk. It’s more like bursting your bubble. Isn’t that what true friends do? Tell you the harshest truths in the simplest manner. It’s everything we already knew but we always need to be reminded once in a while. And trust me Manson nails it. It’s not that we should not give a fk at all about things in life but we need to understand actually what all in life are worth giving the fk. This book makes you realize how important it is to keep your head high and your expectations low in life. Manson by the bredth of his own experiences and by drawing examples from other people’s life, reveals in an easy peasy language some bitter facts which surprisingly uplifts you. He uses the language all millennials relate with. Since, this book is for all. Readers or non-readers. Some terms like- The disappointment panda, The Rockstar problem, Self awareness onion, which Manson has coined shrewdly will remain with you. From an oddball of the family to a successful blogger and writer, Manson came a long way but never hesitated to accept himself for who he really is. That’s all we all need to do, I assume.

In the times of utter disappointments people who are feeling low may try out on this book.

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