When a young corporate, Swati receives a set of envelopes at her office table, she is shocked by its contents. Each envelope has a date and time of its opening written on it. Also, each envelope has a warning message scribbled on it.
“Please open this envelope at the time mentioned below your name.”
She ignores, tears the first envelope and pulls out the page inside it. She uncovers a thick drawing sheet scratched in the middle with pencil; a hand-written line in the centre of the sheet.
“I requested that you open the envelope at 12:30 PM. Envelopes not opened on time will lose their contents. The time right now is 09:00:25 AM”
Swati checks her wristwatch and exhales sharply; her wristwatch ticks round to 9:00:25, accurate to the very second.
Who sent her those envelopes?
What exactly does he or she wants if he doesn’t want Swati to know the future before hand?
A Soul is nothing but an energy with a conscious. A wave that can move across space, time and matter. The wave that your mind finally releases when you die. But a few gifted ones have the ability to leave the shackles of mind and return to physical self at will.
What if I told you that there are people on this planet that can leave their body and travel the universe as a soul, they can travel both forward and backward in time. Some manipulate the world for their own selfish interest & a few devour themselves with the responsibility to harmonize and protect the world.
The question is, are you sure such people don’t exist?


The story twitches with Pakistani athlete trafficking drugs to India and gets detained, thrown in Tihar lockup and then escapes.

It’s all about time, Swati Sharma must now find envelopes and open it right at the time cited and the story goes laterally.

So it’s all about time travel now that you have understood the plot of the book mentioned in the blurb. I have not read many books of time travel as such, but I could re-count time travelling in flicks like Predestination, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Primer. One of the books that I admire is “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells and my fresh read Dark Matter by Blake.

To be frank, this is Anmol unveiling book, but the pieces of literature say otherwise. Anmol has written this handsomely and literature inside is a clinger. ‘The Awakening ‘is the foremost book of Time Guard series. The subsequent book would be ‘Time Guard 2- Reborn’.

Time Travel construing is an art and this book explicitly needs you to be in the moment, check out the time and date so that you can digest it well else you will mislay yourself in a labyrinth. There were times when I went back to check the time noted in the book just to be certain. The format of the date, time and place have abetted the book though out.

The book is filled with turns and these spirals are hefty and sometimes intricate. They’re daunting at first, but eventually a foundation of travel respite. There are many resplendently over-the-top actions sequences throughout the book

I loved the portrayal of Arjun and Swathi. I also liked the small sketches in between the reads to give this book more pictorial plea and to comprehend the story well.

This book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are into make-believe, magical realism, science novels and more importantly time travel- then this book is a must-read.

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