The choices we make and the consequences we endure can be numerous. Look around and you will be able to see a different story being woven in everyone’s lives:
A woman who took the biggest decision of her life and paid the price, or then someone who had it all till one fateful night threatened to take it all away. Unrequited love and loss, or a second chance at reviving severed ties.
Unspoken brings to you a collection of seven such stories, which take you through the journey of these souls, controlled by the biggest mystery of the universe that we call life.


This volume contains 7 short stories which comprise of the titles namely Deliverance, Unfinished business, Stella, and more.
This book is only 38 pages, but Sadhana had accomplished to fusion all life’s tangs that blend in an imperative facet of life called ‘Relationship’. The book is modest yet thought-provoking. A humble verbal and a laid-back read.

Unspoken – I loved the cover and it springs a nice feeling of what’s inside the book.

The stories within are beautifully arranged and the climax in each of these stories carries joy and not to forget some dazzling twists.
Now that you know that the chapters are petite, sometimes only a couple of page or four, giving the book a fast-moving, staccato feel.

There are places, where the profundity could have been enhanced and there are places where the book hurried a bit, but overall this one is a pleasant read.

The engaging stories in “Unspoken” jointly offer a diverse, fuller interpretation of the clandestine of the universe that we call ‘life’.

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