As the world shrinks into one global village, people are more and more inclined to easy-way of doing things. However, when it comes to marriage, there is almost no easy way to STAY married. There is none, and there will be none in any millennium. Staying united all through a lifetime calls for a lot of adjustments, patience and a mind that can forgive. Indian culture is unique in many ways, and marriage is no different. Indian weddings are not just the union of two people, but it is the union of two families, their cultural values, social values and more. Moreover, whether we like it or not, it is almost always the girl who has move to a new family, leaving the comforts of her world behind to carve a new world, one amidst many strangers. This very thought puts even the bold, outgoing, tomboy kind of girls at unease. That is what inspired this book.

However, this book is not any ‘one-stop solution or mantra’ to all the problems that might arise in marital life, but just a few thoughts handed down by generations, some different perspectives about relationships and some suggestions for a ‘good start’.


This book was a debut work written 9 years back. Vaishnavi has later written some fantastic books like MYSTIC REFLECTIONS-A Journey to Your Self By Vaishnavi Sanoj

and SIDEREAL DESTINY By Vaishnavi Sanoj

Reading the preface felt that its a bit obvious crash course on how to survive a Nuclear family supported Marriage and it’s highly relatable. A crash course to work your marriage! To understand the negative people in the family and customize yourself a bit to tolerate them.

A bit let down when I thought the cover talked about a story! A steamy story but when you dig in- its a crash course! It’s true that these crash course tips help. The author has managed to write these tips crisp and clear! But these tips could have been presented a better way. Probably adding mini nugget stories along with tips would have helped.

Let’s get practical here, though these tips are really helpful in sustaining a relationship (any relationship). It’s important to present these tips wisely amidst the feminist prevailing movement. But we have to consider that this was written 9years back.

This book will offend people who would care much only ‘my hubby and me and nothing else’.

I loved these tips but I hate how the tips are formatted because there were obvious parts which I skimmed!

For a debut work – This book is a-okay read. It depends really on the readers whether they can digest the subject or not.

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