Veronica Decides to Die in Paulo Coelho’s full-of-life novel. Nonetheless, the book lives on…

Despite the title, this book is more about life. At some point in life, you must’ve reckoned how meaningless, how futile your life is. How difficult it is to put on your shoes and walk even a few miles. How callous people has been around you, how disappointed love has left you, how impassive you have become, how monotonous life’s course is, how you have to work harder than others to procure littlest of the worldly pleasures, how your prayers remain unanswered, how really difficult it is to put on your shoes and walk even for a mile.

You get tired of keeping balance. You grapple with the entire world. You lock horns with your alter ego. You try in vain to please everyone; at least you pretend to. You try to fit in so bad, you try to prove you can, you think you’ve known everything and when you still seem to can’t achieve happiness you tend to give up on yourself.

It has happened to all… Isn’t it? Pleasing yourself is the last thing we deem important to do as there’s always too much more to do. You know the height of Everest and the depth of Mariana but you have no clue what lengths of passion your mind may lead you or what depths your soul pines to seek euphoria. However, you settle. Because that’s what you’ve been taught by the society. Untill, your mind unsettles your fake repose. Madness begins when you refuse to accept your uniqueness and still keep on acting like a ‘normal’ person. In that sense we are all mad people to some extent.

I’ve fallen again and again for the flare of Coelho’s writing style. The plot is simple but the turn of events are impeccable. You feel glued from the very inception. The background has been portrayed so vividly that you can visualise everything happening before your eyes. Moreover, Veronica is so relatable. Veronica is that side of our mind that refuse to see beyond the monotony of the prosaic life and keep us from looking at the larger, brighter aspects of being alive. Eventually, Veronica doesn’t get to decide to die; it’s the destiny that decides the end of her story.

I have no clue, what life is all about, but one thing that I’m sure about is- Carpe Diem!!! Everything passes sooner or later; happiness or sorrow. Living itself is a blessing.

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