‘Vishwas Aur Main’ is a story of two simple lovers of a small town. They live a relation that doesn’t have a name. Society gives several names to their relationship but it doesn’t bother them and they keep on living it. ‘Vishwas Aur Main’ spends 13 years tangling in between love, friendship, and society. Still, they do not reach to any conclusion. ‘Vishwas’ is the one who doesn’t trust himself and ‘Main’ doesn’t want to lose her trust in him. Readers can either find it a complete story of an incomplete relation or an incomplete story of a complete relationship.

So, that’s the life of two characters Vishwas and Main. The character representation is distinctive and snatched my attention right from the outset. The societal factors that don’t authorize two good souls to be together are represented at ease keeping in mind the three crucial pillars- Love, Compassion, and Trust.

This is one of my first Hindi romance fiction and the author made her unassuming stab to enthral even a newbie Hindi reader like me. I so wish this book can be translated into English.  The significant part of this book depicts the way how modest stories can change your laborious life amidst different turmoils that we face in life. It’s decent simple literature and the author has weaved an extraordinary story.

As modest as this book can be, this for me has been a thought-provoking book as it deals with emotions and feelings at the time instead of rustic characterization. That said, character evolution here is elegant and taken step by step assessing the emotional facet which according to me is one wonderful way of storytelling. The story is incomplete and complete and that’s the beauty of it.

Final note, hold this book if you think you would want a thought-provoking simple Hindi book that will tingle your emotions.

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