Azerica Christian is a 14-year-old girl who is determined to redefine her life. She’s finally broken free from dry, private Christian schools and now she is a cheerleader at her new public high school. She has new friends, older friends. And their intent is to introduce Azerica to a whole new world of freedoms, even if she’s too young to indulge.

While Azerica is exploring a new life, her mother Candace, is also trying to redefine herself. She’s broke and tired of having to depend on the fathers of her three children. Yes. That’s right. Fathers. She has three children with two different men. Azerica’s dad is a waste of life and currently locked up. The father of her youngest two children hurt her deeply when he ditched them. Candace is stressed with trying to figure out how to make ends meet and care for her family. She doesn’t even notice the changes taking place with Azerica… Not until the unthinkable happens. That’s when she must rely on faith to pull her family through.


One thing for sure- you will never be bored reading this as this is a fast page turner.

Alicia has written this book as a 1st installment in the series -The Walker Diaries and I can’t wait to see how this story continues.

Young, Dumb, and Naïve by Alicia Caldwell Henderson is definitely a book that touches on all-to real topics that pre-teens and teenagers, in general, have to deal with surrounding high school, popularity, teenage drinking and drugs, siblings, religion, and just random things that young people (especially the blacks) have to deal with on regular basis. It also touches base on the perspective of the single mother and the struggles that she had to deal with while raising three children on her own. There were parts where the story was a bit hard to follow, but the characterization and development are transitioned very smoothly.  It makes you love your faith in a good way.


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