What is it like when two souls fall in love?

Have you ever come across a person for whom you feel as if you’ve known that person ‘forever,’ even if you’ve just met? Have you ever met a person with whom you immediately connect, without knowing why? When two such souls meet, there is nothing greater than a yearning to be together. It can be the mere presence, the voice, a gentle touch that can suffice the longing to belong to each other. When this happens, no barriers can stop them from falling in love. But is that enough to be able to share the journey of life together?

Noumita, a 32 year old fashion designer who was already engaged and Vaibhav, a 26 year old cabbie were two such souls, who felt deeply connected inspite of all the odds against them. But were they meant to be together till the end?

Let us embark on a journey where these two beautiful souls meet… a journey which leaves an imprint on their hearts for a lifetime.


Noumita has to take a cab to uncover the position of a missing truck which had her blueprints that were deemed to be on a fashion promenade ramp soon. The cab driver is Vaibhav Shah and then the expedition continues.

The preceding part of the tale reminds of the poem called Doori in Gully boy.

Kehne Ko Hum Pass Hai Par
In a manner of speaking, we are so close to each other but
Kitni Doori Hai
There is so much distance (between us in reality)
Yeh Bhi Kaisi Majboori Hai
What kind of compulsion is this?

Its a short book and can be read effortlessly in one sitting. Fast-paced and unquestionably a page-turner. Sneha has done it quite handily. Some people don’t end up together, but they will always remain forever. They complete your half baked life with their absence which is as important as it seems especially when you think about long-term memories. Memories, after all, is everything. I loved this book like how I would have cherished a hot coffee

Anyone who acknowledges true liking (maybe) or is simply inclined to accept it as the premise of a winding tale will find this book an emotional, fulfilling tiny read.

A surprisingly middle-of-the-road book.

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