Anthem is Ayn rand’s classic tale of a dark future age of the great “we”-a world that deprives individuals of name, independence, and values. Written a full decade before George Orwell’s “1984,” This dystopian novel depicts a man who seeks escape from a society in which individuality has been utterly destroyed. Br>rand expertly shows how collectivism (including social programs in the United States) destroys freedom and individuality. Her philosophy is simple: “planning” Is a synonym for “collectivism,” and “collectivism” Is a metaphor for communism and tyranny. This important book should be read by all who are concerned about the role of government in modern life. This publication from Boomer books is specially designed and typeset for comfortable reading.

My Quick Review:

From socialism to Individualism, this story takes squeezes ego to elegy. It was tough to clench the core idea of the book which huts all other facets of socialism, democracy, council, etc. The book was equally criticized as it takes a course of individualism and had its glitches to get it published in the U.S, ironically for the same reason. Without a doubt, individualism is the core theme of Anthem. The entire text is essentially a parable designed to illustrate the paramount importance of Ayn Rand’s idea of an individual will

Talk about obligatory brotherhood and laws which cuts your speech, this book is a document for freedom of speech and it really made sense during the period of the 1930s, especially in Soviet Russia. Ayn Rand wrote Anthem in the 1930s as a warning to Western civilization about the horrors of collectivism, whether of the Nazi or Communist variety.

Aryn Rand’s vision was objectivism rather than philosophy. she clashes between Objectivism and Collectivism is the whole conflict of Anthem.
The inkling of this book is rotten egotistic, but it’s one of the most expressive literature I have read in the recent past.
Read it for the literature and maybe it will provoke you to think there is much more than just that.

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