‘The Immortals Of Meluha’ is a literary concert rocked solely by “India’s first literary popstar”, Amish Tripathi himself. It is the first book of his legendary Shiva Trilogy.

The story is set in the lands of an almost flawless Meluha. 4000 years ago, Suryavanshi Meluhans believed that a Messiah from a foreign country will appear and save them from the conspiracy of Chandravanshi Swadeepans who had waged a reserved war against them, joining forces with damned Nagas. They conceded that Shiva the leader of Guna tribe was the ‘Neelkanth’, their saviour, according to the legend. Clueless Shiva, follows his destiny and gradually gets to know the broader purpose of his existence. The decisions he takes in favour of Meluhans inflicts serious impact upon Chandravanshis. Shiva toward the end of the book realises, there’s neither a flashy white nor a pitchy black in the realm of life. Everything is grey!!! A human being Shiva thus by degrees turns into a superhuman or godlike figure. Truth is highly subjective; we all have our own truth which differ from others. Acknowledgment of truth requires an open mind and clean heart.

Amish has combined history, mythology and philosophy to fashion this magnificent work. He mustered tiny details of myths, built a fascinating plot, created a picturesque landscape, infused significant idiosyncrasies in each character, manifested his idea of paradoxical truth and presented us with this larger than life book. Lord Shiva is distinctive in every possible manner. From a destroyer to a savior, from a hermit to a family man, from fire to ice, from ferocious to bounteous, Shiva has every color of the spectrum in his greatness of being.

Envisioning Shiva’s boundless character to be a human who rises to be a god is stupendous in the first place and carrying the task so exquisitely makes Amish deserve a thousand rounds of applause. A man coming from a humble origin who rises and shine beyond the clouds is what we all love to see after all.

The writing style is uncomplicated and amusing. The narration is very compelling and you never know what’s going to occur next. Hence, it keeps you riveted till the end. Personally I can’t wait to read the second book of the trilogy.

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