It’s a race against time and destiny… 
Prolific hostage negotiator and criminal profiler for the Crime Branch, Rewa Nagarajan, had been unlucky in love. Her broken marriage left her burnt and scathed, shattering her dreams of happily ever after. Marriage, husband, child… she had lost it all, still grappling with closure.
Six years later, she encounters an intriguingly scarred convict, the very enigmatic Dr. Gurmeet Khatri in Woodbreak, the high security prison facility. Rewa has been sent undercover to unearth the apparent coup planned by the prisoners. However, much to her chagrin, she not only finds out the sinister irregularities and plots cooking up in the prison’s own backyard but also falls hard for the ruggedly handsome convict who is intricately linked in the fabric of her dreaded past.
Their escape from prison sends them on an incredibly romantic roller coaster recounting betrayals and losses making them a formidable team. But the dreaded syndicate will stop at nothing to silence the past forever, even as it tightens its claws on Rewa and Gurmeet….


Riveting, brutal, and beautifully told . This book is Intellectually honest. Priya grabs words, mixes them with emotions, and blends them to give what I consider one of the best literary works of an Indian writer. It’s not easy to find the quality of literature amidst the number of books getting published. This book is a rare find. The prologue starts with tragedy, Priya talks about how life will shatter you, break you, and promises that this book will break you too- but only to make you stronger. The cliche is what breaks you makes you stronger. isn’t it? The story is woven elegantly with braids of character development through 6 years past and now. The starting chapters promise to juggle you through the midst and mist of time.

One important thing to mention here is the way Priya describes the police investigation and research. It’s not easy to write so seamlessly, it needs so much research about crime and investigation. Check this interview where she talks about her book research.

Priya brings the essence of South India with her mentions of Coimbatore and Upma. What I loved about this book is that the detailing is kept subtle and that is indeed an Art.

The protagonist Rewa with her pain of losing a child and then her disappeared husband starts the tale. The suspense is on. Flashback, Rewa is one of the most popular hostage negotiators and falls in love with Rohan Sethi, a police officer.

Rewa’s characterization is one of the beautiful aspects of this book. How can a strong female yet fragile inside, full of confusion and trust issues sort her life? This is the building block of characterization and the author has absolutely nailed it. The scenes of intimacy will tingle you for sure. The pregnancy aspects and senses were well described. Overall, the book will give you a feeling that everything has been kept honest, no funky or exaggeration.

This book is for adults who understand some level of intimacy and maturity. For readers who are more interested in understanding the highs and lows of a relationship. If I have critical feedback, humor is a major miss but hey, that’s ok. This book is to break you for good, remember that.

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