A captivating narrative that ties two seemingly distinct tales in an intertwined journey on a quest to explore manifestation. At the center of the book is Jasmine’s dream of making it as a successful model in the cut-throat world of fashion. This tale of victories and failures is enveloped within the master narrative of Sanjay, an erudite knowledge-seeker meeting his spiritual guru — Ma. Set in the esoteric location of the Himalayas, the master story transports the readers to a higher plane. Together the two parallels create a reality that is all your own.

Sanjay is an entrepreneur and an ex-banker, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and a Chartered Accountant. During his successful career, Sanjay has been integrating the essence of a parallel spiritual journey with his material pursuits. He has now set out to share the ways and means of seamlessly traversing through the material and spiritual world. thereby enriching each journey.


As Einstein once said, “People will never truly understand something until it happens to them” This is a tale that will help meet yourself and uplift your quest. As the cosmos connects, the vision manifests, and the dreamer ripens.

Here the protagonist is you with the name ‘Jasmine’ who felt swept into a dilemma, not of her/your making: dragged into an uncommon world, which she/you now found oddly thrilling. This book is simple but it’s solely modern and delivers these mini nuggets that direct you through. A visionary way of taking courses after multiple chapters assists you to go through a crash course of intimate productivity via mindful leap. Deep and exquisite.  Although this is a fictional adaptation of self-help books as the trend persists but this book can be tailored to more than just that. One other book that I found interesting is Life’s Amazing Secrets by Das Gaur Gopal.

That said, the potent nuggets commence from the second half. Again, this is a ritual that I see in most self-help books that has fiction but it’s vital to set the context.

Across-the-board, it’s an uplifting affair with not so heavy book with a unique touch carrying e-learning into the act. It’s an ordeal of grabbing the book and then casually going through the e-learning course and then back to the story. You would want to smell the book and feel it. Conserve it in your bookshelves to skim again and just go with the ebb.

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