Book Review: Love Conquers All
Author: Kavita Birjuka Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Romance
My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Blurb :

Love Conquers All is the story of Samay and Sia. 24-year-old Samay is not only hardworking and mature, but also has his head on his shoulders. He is religious, family-oriented, dedicated and soft-spoken with impeccable manners and a down-to-earth attitude. In short, a perfectionist.


On the other hand is Sia, a 21-year-old girl pampered, stubborn, childlike and innocent student, who is clumsy and carefree but is fighting a personal battle and is struggling with some harsh truths of life.

It’s the story of their journey, their beliefs, their struggles and their love… Will they give up on these struggles or will love really conquer all?

My Take :

Love is the most beautiful word in the world. “Love is not just three words of English Language. It just does not mean romantic,  passionate love. It means I care for you. I trust you with my happiness and I trust you with my sadness. ”
These words hit home when Samay narrated the meaning of Love to Sia.
This is a beautiful love story of Samay & Sia,  two people who met accidentally but fall in love with each other in a few meetings. They keep holding each other’s hands all through life’s ups and downs. Their love went through one after another turmoil but they stayed together through thick and thin. Their love cross each hurdle Destiny made them to cross. Their love conquered all the challenges life threw at them. It is not a college going fairy tale romance but a mature kind of Romance which portrays real life romance. Samay will made your heart beat faster and you will not help drooling over him. At the same time, Sia’s childish nature and innocence will make you laugh. I really loved the sibling bond most ofcourse after Samay-Sia’s bond. It just like we can feel the sparks flying from written words. I must say Kavita is a master of Romantic tale as each word held deep meaning and you will not help crying at one or two times.
The story is a normal paced, you will not feel when it started and when it is finished despite of its 350 pages it will leave you hanging for more of their story. So don’t worry, your wait is over as the Sia – Samay saga’s second book is going to release soon .
The narration is superb and language is poetic and sometimes you will want to preserve the dialogues to your soul.
A must read love story to all the romance lover.
An awesome read !!

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