Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

I have listened to the audiobook version on my way to work! And I must tell that this is a great meditation! The book is simple yet profound! It’s about how your inaction makes it a great action! The book is soothingly one of the best books ever I have read!
Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You by Peter Walsh
Much of what he talked about is more of common sense. I did listen to this audiobook on my drive back home! I enjoyed listening to it- but its not anything more than common sense.

The Book of Enoch by Enoch, R.H. Charles (Translator)

I confess- I started listening to this audiobook without knowing that I am listening to a combined version of old and New Testament! It talks about righteousness and punishment to the wicked. All good until it started bashing about Idol Worship. Its good to follow your own faith without bashing other faith in a religious text! Nevertheless-its a one time good read to understand the evolution of Abrahamic religious texts.

Children of the Corn by Stephen King:

A 1977 classic.
This is the best of the king’s work and my personal favorite. No complex characters- no complex writings-just easy and simple writing yet literary genius.
This book mocks Christian radicalism- blasphemy.
Creepy story! Bloodshed! ‘Children of the corn’ is a bone-chilling short story. A must read!

The Dead by James Joyce:

Splendid narration, chilling dialogues and thought-provoking story set in Ireland during the early 19th century makes this short story a perfect addition to Joyce’s classics! A Must read!

The Glory of Hoysala Temples by Belur D.S. Prakash

I went to ‘Belur and Halebidu’ last month and was astonished to see the charming sculptures. I wanted to learn further and relish the intricate design. I picked this book in a store near Belur. This book is a transliterated version of ‘Degula Kala vaibhava’- a kannada book. This is definitely not a one time read. I would like to travel again and again to get a clear picture. In case, you are planning to visit, this book is a must-read. Sculptures are awesome, but if you understand what those sculptures mean-it becomes a miracle. As I say- Our life should be as wonderful, intricate and beautiful as ‘Belur And Halebidu’- inside and out.

P.S: I have clicked some beautiful pics during my travel- you can view it here.


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