Poetry – a magic created when raw emotions get words to be expressed in.

If you let them, they have this power to weave this magic around you, cloaking you in the depths of their meanings and transporting you to another place, even if for a very short time.

“Of Fireflies and Love!” is one such expression of emotions – some raw, some refined, many hurtful but also blissful.


Its a short coffee break book so I would keep my critique short and will finish this while the coffee is hot. Firstly I adore the raw fervour author has put in this poetry book. The book commences with the poem ‘Alone’ which has its own cadence and fresh feel. The poet is rebellious enough to rhyme and then unrhyme. Periodically the poem is all about making candid experiments. And thus we find a mix of intricacy in simplicity.

As the book progresses, the poetry gets more intriguing and profound. One of my favourites would be the poem ‘Haunting’. How can someone be so pure and still torment you? If you want to relish these poems and looking for a small cute read, this one is for you.

Great job Sadhana!

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