Mystic Reflections is the story of a twelve-year-old who lives in a world where everything is in abundance, and all are equal. Yet, she encounters a problem. Then begins a journey in search of a solution. What can be a problem in a world of perfection? What will be the solution? Who will solve it?


Mystic Reflections is a short story of a twelve-year-old who capitulates a leg wound in a Miracle land only to grasp that there was too much comfort that she preferred a world which of imperfection.

Vaishnavi ridicules and amplifies the fortune telling practices, modern tech-savvy hospitals and fear creating Insurance agencies. This short book is thought-provoking, crisp and crunchy. Absolutely no dull moments in this witty and satirical tale. Only let down is that the end was a bit obvious and could have been written a bit better.

Mystic Reflections achieve with witty, yet truthful, voices and modern-day technology and leisure.

Vaishnavi’s beautifully constructed narratives and realistic dialogue mark this fantasy of an assured and original voice short story.

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