This book is an anthology of perspectives. Each poem joins the other like the beads of a rosary to form a beautiful panorama of the poet’s take on times. Each poem has been conceived, nurtured and written with pure love.
My journey, hitherto, has been full of joys, sorrows, separations, attachments, love and abundance of blessings, the most latent one of which has been the ability to pursuit beauty in each situation. Life, I believe, at each corner, drops hints for us, for why it is such a mystery, such a riddle to untangle. I believe for a good part of our lives we choose to remain oblivious to how many good things have met us and how many yet hide in store for us. Everything is so much more than what meets the eye. The understanding of this depth is what constitutes wisdom while the admiration and celebration of this beautiful chaos is called poetry.
These poems represent the latent goodness, the hope in everything that comes to pass. Hope is totally imperative for us to thrive – it is the
warmth in our breath, the light in our eyes, the spring in our step.

There is so much beauty around, even in the drab and the despair, that if looked at through the right lens, nothing is shy of a muse, everything is a song and everyone has it in them to be a poet.


Srishti has been magical in all her poems bringing creation, imperfections, perspectives, hardships, and motivation together in her craft.

The magic of creation is such that it never stops and it never fails.

This book is for people who want to find motivation through poems. A light book with dense thoughts which provokes you to find perfection in imperfections.

The shades of dark illuminated in the presence of light- poetry is all about perspectives!

In the poem- Lotus, the poet talks about how filth and dirt enhances the beautiful.

l, tall and aloof flower swaying in its own eternal glory.

Every poem in this book seemed artistic with colors- some shades of gray yet precisely put!

“The heart only dreams of
What it is capable of dreaming
But when the universe works
It gives
What it is capable of giving”

What a beautiful poetry to start your new year! Highly recommended read!

I only wish this book had art or visuals along with it printed in colors- This one highly deserves it!

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