Novel: The Cuckoo’s Calling
Author: Robert Galbraith
Genre: Crime Thriller“The poor cow jumped.There was no one else there. Your so-called witness was coked out of her -“After the world of Spells, Quidditch, Wands, Horcrux in  Hogwarts J K Rowling is all set you
to invite to a new world of Espionage. The Cuckoo’s Calling is her debut crime novel written
under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, may be to overcome the J K Rowling effect over her novels after Casual Vacancy or to create more mystery to her mystery novel!!
She writes this novel using the contemporary society lifestyle of celebrities.Rowling with her  wizard writing bring this fictional story to life.The story starts with Lula Landry , a Supermodel falls to her death  during early hours of a cold winter
morning in London from her MayFair balcony. Her adoptive brother John Bristow unsatisfied by police investigation
hires a private detective Cormoran Strike to find the truth.  Strike who is in the middle of his own rough patches. He was a war veteran.
After loosing  leg, his job and breaking up with his long term girlfriend is now homeless accepts JB’s case to fund his financial crisis.
Accompanying is his temporary secretary Robin Ellacott. A very intriguing personae, must say she is a beauty with brains.As Strike starts exploring Lula’s world there are millionaires, her obsessive family esp her mother, her rockstar boyfriend, designers, models ,
annoying paparazzi’s following her all day long. As he unravels the Lula’s mystery things start getting potentially darker and complex.
Rowling creates a great deal of characters and relationship development, they are amazingly vivid and compelling. Strike believes in taking long interviews, making notes.
He keeps all the plot in his mind and doesnot disclose till the end to reveal the  vile truth. Strike reminds me of Sherlock Holmes times.

As a reader you are just being pulled by the story, leaving  you with no room to predict. Immerses  you to keep burning the midnight oil to discover what happens next and makes u question the things you already know.
This book is slow paced but a chilling page-turner.The story is geniously plotted and flawlessly narrated.As she gives importance every detailing may be its Strike himself or its his office or the colorful window of Guy Some’s boutique,  her words beautifully build the world in front of your eyes.

Must say after Holmes and Langdon,  Strike  is my new favorite. Can’t wait for  Strike and Robin to come up with their next sequel. Well, this is a adult crime
thriller. But a must read to all fans of this genre, and if you haven’t read anything interesting long time here is a fresh air.


Heena Ahuja

Heena Ahuja

Guest Blogger at MerryBrains
Heena Ahuja, a Mumbai girl at heart is an avid reader. Reading fiction caught her fancy
when she stumbled across Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown & Nicholas Sparks books.

After completing her masters she found her true calling in writing and has a lot of English
poems published under her belt in various e-magazines and columns and few Hindi
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learning new things about life. She really wishes to travel and explore places and capture
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She is a poetess at heart and ends up pouring her heart on a paper. She along with her co-author Meghant Parmar will be marking their debut in the world of writing with a short story in “Uff Ye Emotions-2”.

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Heena Ahuja