Book CoverName of the Book: The Madness starts at 9

Author: Vinay Kanchan

Publisher: Sulekha


“The questions we must ask ourselves , as we are launching any new brand in this space is that , are we upsetting this balance in any way? Are we being responsible earth citizens? Will we do something that will irrevocably alter this tenuous equilibrium? And the answer lies in the brand proposition itself. The answer is…”

In today’s time where corporate world itself is a madness, many young enthusiasts dream to become a part of this madness.From a distance this industry is a money spinning machine ruled by certain laws , ethics that apply to it where working smart and hard-work is all that matters.

But a reluctant inside look, its nothing but a melodramatic world. The ability to conceive, interpret and respond to office people like your bosses, colleagues, customers, clients is emphatically critical part of success. Office politics are unavoidable fact of life when you are here you live it, practice it. So is this story.

Ram Shankar the protagonist of the story a young, unbiased, thoughtful techie who works for a ad agency, whose work enthusiasm identified by his seniors and made in charge of new itching cream ad account. But now has got entangled with his quirky boss, back stabbing colleagues, clients. The writer introduces too many characters the ones that actually grab your attention are The old cynical hand with his intriguing dialogues and witty conscience , Vikas the nasty boss of Ram who quite interestingly absconds every responsibility and takes pride over every triumph and Chai la, the tea boy and imaginative mentor of Ram who keeps delivering cryptic wise conundrums.

No matter what Ram does to strive to hard to fit in the system he is always left to clean up the mess.As the story moves forward Ram deliberately learns to be open to experience, incisive, fast paced and being emotionally stable.
Its a dark comedy. The language used is simple. Though the story is fictious but the author depicts the realistic environment of the corporate system about how actually things work and why. The story is cliche and characters are too shallow. Somewhere the author shortfalls to give away the flavour of enthusiasm and adventure of building a ad which the cover of the book depicts. There some interesting sketches in the book drawn by author himself.

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