Book: The Monk who sold his Ferrari
Author :Robin Sharma

I have always been a step back to read self help books until I read this book of Robin Sharma which I call “handy guide to personnel development”.
Robin Sharma who is a leading expert has come up with many strategies or virtues which will definitely add valuable thoughts to your life.
As you read this book you hardly will realize that it’s a self help book, it keeps you enthralled and makes you want to know  more and more.

This book is a story of Julian mantle who is a high profile lawyer surrounded by success, money and high reputation in the society.

Due to his gigantic schedule and high work stress he has a sudden heart attack during a trail in the courtroom. In order to find peace, Mantle sells all his assets and travels to India. He comes back to US after several years  as a changed person .A person full of spirit, who has satisfaction in what he has. After his return even his colleagues fail to recognize him.
The heart of the story lies  about what  transformation Mantle underwent  during his travel to India which he narrates to his associate John who aspires to be like him.

Robin Sharma has put this interaction between them in a very interesting style. Mantle tells John about the seven virtues of life which he learnt from The Great Sages of Sivana of Himalayas  like master your mind, follow your purpose, respect your time, live with discipline etc.
Mantle also narrates him the wonderful fable of the garden where there is light house, sumo wrestler , golden watch, flowers, green grass which he correlates and makes John understand the importance every virtue. It seems more like Mantle preaching to us than to John. As you read they make you realize what you have been missing all these days.

Robin Sharma also tells interesting facts like

  • You can’t aim at something which you can’t see.
  • Whenever there is a negative thought suddenly think of something positive and see the smile on your face.
  • Following the 21 day ritual.
  • Make others happy there is a great pleasure in it.
  • The importance of yoga in life about having  mental peace.

This book gives new direction to those who want to change their perspective of life and real help to someone who want  to develop their  self management skill and live life with a difference. I personally think everybody should read this book once in their life time.

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