Many of our book readers wanted us to come up with a set of books to read every month. Here is the first set of books. These are hand picked books from Merrybrains Team. We also have a quick review on the same.

 1. Indian Ocean

Author:Vineet Sharma

Publisher:Parragon Books


This book from Vineet Sharma deals with the Indian Ocean music band who have been around the block for nearly 25 years.This book indicates the struggle of the band from their humble beginnings in college, to acquire a massive cult like status amongst teenagers,adults and senior citizens alike. They fought tooth and nail to stay true to their vision . This book is certainly inspiring.


2.The Almond Tree

Author:Michelle Cohen Corasanti



One of the best and worst decade for the Palestine’s are the 2000 ‘s. From fighting along the Gaza strip to acknowledgement of its non-member status within the UN, this country has been fighting a war from nearly seventy years with no real end. It keeps reigniting itself. The Almond Tree is narrated by a young Arab Boy which makes this book more impressive. Author Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s story lies in its simplicity. This story deals with Love and War, Politics and discrimination ,family and enemies , Religion and regions but most importantly a story of survival. This Book is apolitical,honest ,gripping and above all a heart-breaking book.


3.The Tigers of Taboo Valley

Author:Ranjit Lal



A complicated book clearly written with a perfect balance of humor and nonchalance, Ranjit Lal’s satirical best. This book is meant to childrens which is educational , without being too preachy, funny and never loses the plot despite the unusual style of writing.

The book talks about Tiger humor, politics, imbibed with technological leanings. How does a tiger dad takes care of a cub amidst danger from poachers , flashy photographers , rivals and terrorist porcupines. This is a best read for any age.

Tigers in the taboo Valley

4.No Looking Back

Author:Shivani Gupta



When life gives you lemon, make a tequilla. Well, if you are a non alcoholic, squeeze those lemons over your dry salad to make it taste better.

Bed Ridden at the age of 22, Shivani takes us through various hurdles without a complaint and drags herself into a new reality without looking back.With her domitable spirit and refusal to ever let up,Shivani brings us to entire section of people marginalized by society. well, Never Look Back.


Please let us know what do you think of these books, which books are  in your ‘to read’ list. We have the comments space for you below. Do let us know. Thanks for reading.


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