A software engineer by profession and an author by passion, Dipanjana loves to pen down romantic novels and short stories during her free hours. After publishing Scandalous Disclosure, a romantic novel in 2015 and Unrequited, a collection of love stories in 2018, Dipanjana came up with her third book, Love Will Find a Way.

Even after getting only a little time to nurture her passion, Dipanjana continues her journey as a writer and continues to chase her dream of reaching her readers’ minds. Love Will Find a Way is yet another effort from the author to captivate the reader’s mind and is an honest tribute to all the romantic people who still believe in love!

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1. What is your inspiration behind writing your new book ‘Love will find a way’

The inspiration for writing my third book, “Love Will Find a Way” came to me from one of my very close friends when we serendipitously bumped into each other after fifteen long years. I am a romance writer and writing a love story of a married woman always fascinated me but probably I was waiting for the right time. This particular subject triggered me even before launching my collection of short stories “Unrequited”, but I was yet to pen down my thoughts. Even though the extra-marital topic is not as taboo as it once was, I was wondering how to give my story a natural start and then after talking to my friend, a perfect beginning of a love story came in my mind.

2. What is so unique about this book compared to your earlier books?

The most unique thing about this novel is its mysteries and the twists which slowly get unwound as the story progresses. Also the sub-characters of the story; even though they are imaginary, as I kept writing about them, they kept growing close to my heart! Dash of humor, pinch of naughtiness, silly activities of nosy neighbors or cute innocence of a child… everything that belongs to this book is very dear to me and that’s why this book is extremely special to me!

3. Tell us a bit more about your book writing journey? From draft to production! ?

The book writing journey was pretty challenging initially as that time I was living in Chicago, USA and my books are generally based in India and the USA. Even though I am born and brought up in India, I had been living in the USA since 2006 and that detachment was very tough. The time zone difference, the difficulties to contact the publishers and moreover with no prior writing background or experience for a full-time software engineer was never easy. But I kept chasing my passion and never lost hope. My books are my babies and writing is my passion and that is enough to drive my motivation!

I have written this draft in ninety days and then worked on a few rounds of editing and proofreading before submitting my manuscript. My publisher was pretty happy with the content which gave me more confidence. So, yes, we took it from there and after a few rounds of copy editing and approval, we went ahead with the publishing process.

4. How hard was it to find a right title for your book

Interesting question! It was really hard to come up with the right title for this book. But since I believe in destiny and so do the main protagonists of this novel, I thought that “Love Will Find a Way” would give an optimistic, sensible and meaningful title to my book.

5. What are your favorite literary journals?

I am not so much into magazines, but I do like reading Reader’s Digest, Filmfare, Anandalok (Bengali).

6. What was your hardest scene to write from your recent book?

The difficult part is always writing about the romantic encounter or I would rather say the steamy scenes between the main characters. So here in “Love Will Find a Way” it was a bit challenging to write and narrate the intimate scenes between Molina and Keith. Since my books are from romance genre, a big part of this book talks about the romantic affair and physical proximity between Molina and Keith. Lifting their energy in few scenes or toning down the romance or eroticism in few places kept on happening until I reached the balance and could deliver the required message to the readers.

7. How do you select the names of your characters?

No specific agenda or thoughts went behind selecting the names but I personally love the name ‘Molina’. And I fell in love with the name ‘Keith’ when I watched the 2008 film ‘Keith’.

8. What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Writing about any character from the opposite sex is a little tricky at times. Since the characters from any novel/book should deliver authentic feelings to the readers helping them connect to the story, it took a good amount of time and research before figuring out man’s way of thinking so that I could justify the male characters and their reactions in various situations of my story

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