1. What prompted you to write your book ‘Break’?

Break was an episodic story written on my regular writing platforms and it was greatly appreciated by my readers who persuaded me to publish it

2. How did you come up with the research for the book?

I have a friend who knows someone in the Crime branch and the rest I read up. It took a while but was worth it.

3. How should someone shatter the shackles of loneliness without breaking self?

We can be our best company… we need to unleash our potentials and passions. The pandemic has taught us that.

4. What literature works have enlightened you to write?

There are many but I am a huge fan of Sandra Brown and James Patterson.

5. What are you working on presently?

I am almost done with my second novel. Since I am going for traditional publishing this time the criteria is stringent so am tying up loose ends.

6. What’s the most vital aspect of life, according to you?

and let live… value what you have. Thank God for every new day.

7. How did yoga help you be a better writer?

Yoga helped me cope up with aches and pains and streamline my health concerns. So overall it paved way for me to think clearly and focus better.

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