Likhe they vo khat jinko
Aaye phir vo yaad sabhi
Kaagaz ke kuch purzon se
Jude they yoon jazbaat sabhi
Bheed bahut hai charo or
Tanha man ghabrata hai
Haal-e-dil bas likhte hain
Alfaazon mein hai raaz sabhi

There are numerous thoughts that cross our mind, though there are very few who find a voice to express themselves. Kaagaz Ke Mahal is a collection of many such thoughts that you will be able to resonate with. The simplicity with which each poem describes complex human emotions such as pain, longing, loneliness and unfulfilled dreams will connect effortlessly with different aspects of your lives. This book is a medium for readers to introspect their existing and former relationships. These poems bring out the innermost thoughts that you may have struggled with due to the complexities involved in various relationships around you.


Meant for all age groups, this book offers a unique way of presenting poems in both Hindi and Hindi written in English, which is commonly preferred by most new age readers nowadays.


The best part of the book is that it is transliterated in English as well. Out of several poems, I loved sifar, kagaz ka mahal which is core of the book, kissa , kahaani and many more.

Later, there is a slice of two liners – Guftagoo which is occupied with rare emotions inscribed in a lucid way. Though I felt that this part could have been a small book by itself, I relished reading this as an addition.

I loved how these poems formed an essence that made me feel light and poised. The titles are kept unassuming but made a lot of sense with his content using the right use of allegory and metaphors.

Ravi has made sure that the poems are voiced in very modest language but also made sure that it is purely thought-provoking.

Of course, the inner workings are completely different, but each fuels the question: Have we been here before? The personal and public intertwine in a gorgeous blur.

These sharp poems invite contemplation about how you feel about love and it’s all an utter delight.


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