Making A Poem is a powerful affecting collection of poetry that sheds a fascinating light upon the writing process and poet’s personal aesthetics. These are eloquent pieces where the poet displays a confident command of the poetic form to bring his ideas and observations to life. The pieces that ponder the reality of poetic expression are perhaps most fascinating. Their reflexivity results in a most engaging collection of poems. Making A Poem is an intuitive, thoughtful and creative pieces that work together as a cohesive collection.


Like a lifecycle- it starts with the impression, the puberty and finally into adulthood. Vihang’s poem has a resolute way of deriving these intricate life moments which unseen will pass by in a second. Some poems may seem a bit lame at the start and then gets extraordinarily stunning and thought-provoking on the tree of poetic expedition.

Some of my favorites is ‘Absent Poem’ and ‘The readers response’ to name a few.
I have recently started writing poetry and this book felt like it was crafted finely and solely for me and I could relate with it easily. This book is a laidback and swift read with just the right amount of underdone and refined blend.

It will intrigue you, but it will not engulf you. It has the sense to tranquil and exult the new way of poetic writing. Like the tiny tales, this book is an assortment of tiny poems that I would highly recommend.
Vihang blends English literature with mentions of Hindi and Sanskrit words and the blend is exceptional like the mention of Swarg and Narg.
In his words, a dance of black ink and little light. A poem is made.

Prakhyath Rai

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