Poetry- A garland of words is a collection of poems primarily based on the theme of nature. The poems in the book are a result of my life-long love for nature and natural surroundings. Also, I have always been captivated by the vastness of the cosmos. Our lives seem so utterly insignificant when we reflect on the vastness of the universe. This vastness of cosmos has always humbled me as a person and has created a significant impact on my ways of perceiving things around me. My admiration for nature and cosmos has had a substantial impact on my poetic style as well. The collection of poems in my book Poetry- A garland of words embraces the beauty of nature and draws motivation from its greatness. To interest the readers, I have also experimented with different forms of poetry such as Zappai, Haiku, Elfchen, etc. In my view, to produce poetry, observing things with accuracy, and describing them with fidelity are the key factors. I have always been a keen spectator of nature, which helped produce much of my poetic work. For me being in nature has always been relaxing and exhilarating at the same time and puts my soul in a state that is conducive to creative thought and mental experimentation. The universe as a whole gives us immeasurable ways of making us feel better about our lives. Through my poems, I have made an effort to vividly describing the beauty of nature and, at the same time, draw some inspiration for life. I hope that readers from all spheres of life will find my poems pleasurable to read and useful to study.


A massy 140+ poems go through your gut tingling every sensation underpart. These poems are written in modest dialect making it a pure novice’s treat.

Every poem that Margesh jotted down has an unusual and varied perception of actuality like the one where he refers that Santa’s ‘ho ho ho’  actually terrifies the midnight nap.

The favourable thing about poets is how effortlessly they take the readers to an alternate cosmos.

One notable element is that there are written edifices about these poems so that the reader deciphers how the poem is forged. This amused me and even intrigued me to engrave more poems emulating the technique and edifice. Talk about Lanturne or Mondo poem style.

Learn more about varied poem structures. Check out the List of 100 Poetic Forms for Poets

Coming back to the book, I would call this Poetry book a garland of poems, some tight, some very brief, some elegant, some thought-provoking, some witty, some nutty, some opaque, some radiant, some plain, some vivid, some rainbow, some black and white.

The poet delicately embroiders every composition of existence and slink into this elegantly conceived assemblage. Richly deluxe and very accessible.

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