Do you like the feeling, when immediately after reading a piece of poetry you start relating with the poet? Phrases like, “Exactly! My point”, “Hmm she is right”, “Yaar! This one is so true”, “It happened to me too” instinctively comes to your mind? Then this collection of Hindi poetry is definitely for you. Our Facebook and Instagram generation is habituated to read Hindi poetry but in English text. The idea is to help these readers feel comfortable and at home.



आसमानी इरादे भी है..
ज़मीनी हक़ीक़त भी है..
और बीच में कहीं लटकी हुई..
अपनी शख़्शियत भी है ।।

Collections of poems are often the antithesis of page-turners. A single poem can call on the same amount of mental energy as a short story or novel’s chapter. There is a relieving aha when I read a single poem and am compelled to either close the book for respite or obsessively read it over and over for a half-hour. At times, these intense reading experiences can be just what we want to wrangle in a deep tissue mental and emotional massage.

I have received many Hindi poetry books and I am grateful to authors for sending the book and Increasing my love for Hindi poetry. I recently attended the Konark Literature festival and there I understood the power of these Hindi poems when authors recited them.

Coming back to the particular paperback- Firstly I love this minimal and pertinent cover for the book. It so stunning. A girl looking towards the azure and birds hovering. A regal construal of how you view solitude.

This encouraged me to paint something which should complement this book.


Loneliness is marked by a sense of segregation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness.

I can relate to this as I am a solitude freak- I love the ‘me time’ that aids me to introspect my life and therefore leading to self-awareness.

There are about 50 + poems about love, care and mortality which will nip you with wistful sentiments and blissful thoughts.

Everything about this book is beautiful in and out. The way Surbhi writes- she touches your emotion and each of these poems can be a song itself. I like the way she plays around with the title – this feels like its related to a song that you have heard in the past but giving it a different perspective.

I bet you will never look back to your life the same way once you finish construing this book. For me, this has been a philosophical expedition and I thank Surbhi for writing this beautiful book.

It is not easy to assess poetry- What I would do is just relish it in a good ambiance. interference-free and devour these beautiful and intense thoughts that my favorite poetess judiciously crafted. Like a fine wine- I sip it slowly, feeling one of the best of poetry vibrations

Let these magical and reflective prose poems breathe and invoke their full topsy-turvy splendor. Highly recommended!

Do check out my video review of the same.

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