I confess, I love Rachna Singh Books , why? Its because each line in that book is just  so damn humorous.

So in this post, we have a double delight, first is you have the humorous Rachna talking with us and second is you can win the book ‘Dogs, Digs & Drama’ for free. We had a quick talk with Rachna and here is the extract of it.

1. How would you describe ‘Dogs, Digs & Drama’ to someone who has not read any of your previous books?

‘Digs, Dogs and Drama’ is like a diary of fun: each chapter an independent blob of humour, across a variety of topics —
The neighbour’s dog. The dramatic ultrasound scan. The wedding reception. Aloo parathas versus curd rice.
It is 100% shuddh Indian – I have covered events, experiences and happenings that have a desi tadka and have dealt with them with spoonfuls of satire.

2. You have been a HR professional, Let us know how humorous you were back then?

I have always been a prankster at work. Once I picked up a mock fight with a colleague on April Fool’s day and it scared the living daylights out of my boss. Another time, I called in to do a reference check on an employee who had recently resigned. I started with regular questions like, ‘How was her performance?’ and ‘How was she with deadlines?’ and then moved on to stuff like ‘What was her shoe size?’ and ‘Did she eat her rice with a spoon or fork?’. It totally flummoxed the H.R. lady taking the call!

3. What was the book that most influenced your life — and why?

Dave Barry Does Japan. This book makes me roll with laughter every time I read it. I have stayed in Japan and can relate to the humour Barry brings out. Here are some funny quotes from the book –

· Despite the gulf, physical and cultural, between the United States and Japan, both societies are, in the end, made up of people, and people everywhere – when you strip away their superficial differences – are crazy.

· The method (of learning Japanese) recommended by experts is to be born as a Japanese baby and raised by a Japanese family, in Japan. And even then it’s not easy.

· Flying from the United States to Tokyo takes approximately as long as law school.

· The Japanese tend to communicate via nuance and euphemism, often leaving important things unsaid; whereas Americans tend to think they’re being subtle when they refrain from grabbing the listener by the shirt.

· I have read that, on the average, the Japanese are getting taller, but at the moment they seem to be about the same height as American junior-high-school students, only with fewer guns.

4. Your book is 100% shuddh Indian, who are those actors in bollywood who would do justice to the roles described in your book?

I love Akshay Kumar’s comic timing and he’d be perfect as the North-Indian lost in the streets of Bangalore. I can even visualize Govinda, my other favourite comedy star as the person angry with this neighbour’s dog. The lady lost while judging a beauty contest or managing kids in an amusement park can be essayed well by someone like Vidya Balan or Rani Mukherjee, I feel.

5. How are some unique and humorous way to propose a girl?

Even as a young girl, I was averse to roses and teddy bears. So, given my deviant ways, I would appreciate proposals that are more unique – for instance, by shaving one’s head with the initials of the girl, or gifting her a can of cockroaches – I mean how worse can he look in comparison to the cockroaches?!
I quite like the way Dharmendra pretends to be God while proposing to Basanti in Sholay.

6. What do you hope readers will take away from ‘Dogs, Digs & Drama’ ?

A good laugh. In today’ life where we spend our free time spiking our adrenaline with games like Temple Run, a book like ‘Digs, Dogs and Drama’ promises to relax you. Read it, gift it to a friend—spread the smiles!

What you can do now is order this book here in the link below, or you can win it for free.

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The winners will be announced  as soon as this contest ends and the books will be couriered to the winners by Rachna Singh Team within 2 weeks after winning .

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