You should know that reading is the most productive thing you could do sometimes if you do it efficiently.If you would like to start with one awesome book today. Check out our favorites in the blog top. When you get a book, Instead of saying “Oh no, here’s some crap again I have to read,” to “What could I gain from reading this, if I was really creative about it.

I read about 120 pages per hour. Not bad for someone who is filled with distractions all the time. My notifications popping out which tempts me to click it, my urge to understand if there is a possibility that Jon snow is not dead, A Call from my friend asking what to be done this weekend and many more. But if you are really willing to finish a great book at a decent rate, check out the proven strategies.

Increase  Attention Span:

Attention span can be increased just like endurance at any activity, through exercise.  Read more and you will be able to read more.  Understand your current attention span. For example if it’s 30 minutes.  Set achievable goals to slowly raise it to 35 minutes and then 40 minutes next time.  And so on.

Health Tip: Drink more fluids. Some scientists say that even a mild dehydration without notice will hamper your attention. 2 Litres of water a day will create miracles to your attention span. So drink up.

Remove External Distractions:

The biggest enemy of attention is distraction.  Remove all distractions, turn your mobile to silent mode, Close Facebook and Twitter.  Get yourself a white noise generator, if background sounds really distracts you. I do sometimes listen with music-no lyrics through. You can read Game of thrones with the same OST . Isn’t it? 😛


After removing external distractions, you’re left with your own interior distractions – the things that make you start thinking about other things.  The most recommended way for dealing with those distractions is meditation. Learn to meditate. I go to headspace. I love their simple design.

Make Notes:

Engage yourself in the reading by making it more active by highlighting or taking notes.Kindle users already know how to deal with that. I have got one recently. You can note important quotes . I always keep a dictionary/dictionary app nearby so that I learn new words. You should always know, Best Authors keep it simple.

Good Light:

Yes, Important thing is you should read it in a good light. If you are reading in low light , then you are straining your eyes.

Sneak It:

When you get the book, especially a very big book. Preview it. Its suggested to read first paragraph of every chapter once.This will help you get a hang of the book.

So now you are ready, start with a good book and do let us know how did it go.

If you want to know your current reading speed? Pick up any book and do the following:

  • Setup a timer for one minute
  • Mark the line you started reading
  • Start reading and stop when the minute is up
  • Mark the line where you stopped
  • Number of lines – Count the number of lines you’ve read
  • Number of words per line – Take the second line and count the number of words in this line (including short words like I, and, etc)
  • Number of lines X Number of words per line = WPM, your words per minute reading speed.

So whats your WPM? let us know in the comments.


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