The journey of words is not as easy as it seems. Writing a book, let it be a novel, short story, poetry or non-fiction, the level of hard work and thought process you have to invest is tremendous. We cannot assort to the same method while writing different genre of books. You cannot write a romance novel, the same way you write a historical fiction. Same way, writing a thriller too requires a different scale of thought process, hard work, and method. Now, we will discuss how to make your thriller successful.


There was a time when thrillers without a specific storyline excited the readers. Just by sending the protagonist to risky ventures, authors could enamor the readers. But those days are gone. Now, every reader assesses the book in bits and pieces, discuss the same in forums and discussions. Hence, the easy way out would not work anymore.

You need to have a strong plot for your thriller work. A convincing background story, an appealing buildup of the events and a concrete reason and reasoning are prerequisites.


Do you think that you can sustain the suspense element in a mystery thriller by having just a few characters? Readers would predict that the real culprit/suspect/villain is this person or that person. And when the mystery is revealed, they would say ‘See I guessed this. The book is a cliché.’ Cliché! Cliché is the last word one would want to hear about their thriller. Hence, build a good convincing cast.


The characters should be carefully crafted. If you decide to make someone the real bad one, don’t dwell much on making him too good thinking that readers might not suspect him. Come on; the most eligible, unexpected and perfect person would be the one whom the readers would suspect primarily. If you are working on a hero-villain plot with action and suspense, make sure not to portray the villain in too much of bad light.

Same rule applies while building the character of the hero/ heroine. The protagonist need not be the perfect, spotless one. Make sure to make the characters look convincing.


While trying to build the suspense, make sure to build up on the minute details like who looked whom, who stood where, who did what etc. Make sure that the details are not too long that the readers skip the pages. Optimization is necessary while engendering the ideas in your book.

He loves her

It is not necessary to make the protagonists and their counterparts (opposite gender) fall in love. If your plot develops, in a convincing way that make them get closer, then it might be interesting but still the idea is already overworked and overkilled. If you can’t hold yourself from making them love birds, cogitate the circumstances.


The most important factor is originality. If you try to imitate, even if not directly, some other book or author, the readers will surely find out and will analyze it step by step. Don’t think that the other book is about Christianity and my book is about Hinduism; the other story happens in America and mine happens in India. Therefore, I am not copying anything. Not done!

Even if you write that, SAM was a righteous husband of Eva. They were sent on exile by the UK government. Eva was kidnapped by Nikolas. Sam fought and got his wife back. This still sounds like a version of Ramayana. Hope you got my point.

These are all just some of the points to take care of. The most important part is that your story should be sincere and derived from your own heart. Otherwise, however successful you are, you would not be able to have the serendipity forever.

Rakhi Jayashankar

Rakhi Jayashankar

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Rakhi Jayashankar